CPZ International

CPZ-International, The Centre for Knowledge Promotion

  • Is a development oriented organisation. It believes that development is constant and should be reflected in every field.
  • Believes that an institution and its success are reflected by the people who work for it, therefore it promotes personal and intellectual development of every individual, creativity, inovation, self-initiative and self-dependence, and is at the same time aware that mutual cooperation and team work must be complied with. It stimulates training of experts and lifelong learning as an important baseline for intellectual and personal growth. It believes that knowledge is an important key element of the personal and intelectual growth of an individual.
  • Is interested in and follows new knowledge, new views, approaches and solutions in various fields, because it wants to be as close as possible to the best possible solutions for undertaken tasks, taking into account the enviroment at the same time. It accepts challenges and supports new and inovative approaches, ideas and solutions, which contribute to development. It believes that the creation of new knowledge is an important foundation of personal and social progress. It has high standards of knowledge and orients people towards understanding and accepting those high standards.
  • The Centre operates internationally and cooperates with institutions and experts from all around the world, who contribute equally to the projects. It is an open organisation and develops good cooperation and communication among people inside the organisation as well as with other individuals and organisations.
  • It is people-oriented. It believes that competition is good and that it stimulates achievements. However, it also looks for alternative ways, mainly through development of self-initiative, self-realisation, understanding and cooperation.
  • It is aware that the world is multicultural and that the preservation of multicultural enviroment is very important for the future generations. At the same time it realizes that the world is irreversibly connected, therefore it looks for the solutions that comply with and preserve local culture and the way of thinking that integrates those cultures into the society as a whole.