CPZ International

Basic and applicative research

The Centre is registred and qualified for research and development activities in the field of education as well as in the fields of employment, work, the economy, organisation, and public opinion research.

Development projects

The Centre manages or takes an active role in different development projects for information technology supported systems. It can develop and implement, on its own or in cooperation with others, an education system the customer needs.

Project management

The Centre has expert knowledge and experience with managing research and development projects, domestic as well as international.


The Centre is professionally and technically qualified for analysis work in the fields of education, employment, work, the economy, organisation, and public opinion research. It also takes into consideration the economical dimensions of analysis.


With its expert knowledge and technical possibilities the Centre develops, on its own or with external collaborators, evaluation procedures and carries out evaluation of educational and similar systems. It has taken part in evaluation studies of educational systems both in Slovenia and abroad.


The Centre and its associates offer consultancy services in development of new education systems, assessment, new examination systems, quality assurance and quality control systems, with the emphasis on economical solutions.

Preparing and carrying out the exams

The Centre develops assessment material and procedues for external clients, prepares, organises and delivers the exams, prepares the marking and analysis of assessment and examination results using up-to-date methodologies.

Promotional activities

The Centre can prepare and plan, upon instruction, public relations and promotional activities in the field of education.

Seminars, congresses and conferences

The Centre can prepare and organise seminars, congresses, conferences, workshops and other forms of education and communication.


The Centre prepares and publishes books and other publications in the field of education.